Worry less. Giggle more.

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Well, here we are. It’s Monday and I’m guessing the majority of you are not thrilled in the least. I’m sure most of you despise Mondays, but I have a confession to make…I love Mondays! It’s usually the day when I have some time to myself, if I’m lucky. I can catch up on laundry, t.v. shows, run errands, mentally prepare for the week, etc. It has also turned into the day that I blog, so I really look forward to Monday! I’m sorry for being overly enthused about this particular day, but I can’t help it. It’s technically my Saturday so I try and enjoy it as much as I can. Even though life can be crazy and unpredictable, I know how important it is to worry less and giggle more. You’ve gotta make sure you don’t go all day without laughing. Being able to laugh at yourself and with others is priceless. It can change your mood in an instant. Laughter is the best medicine! So, in case you haven’t laughed today and could use a giggle, I figured I would share a funny story. It’s one that is super hilarious (at my expense) and from my teenage years aka the awkward years.

It was the summer before my sophomore year of high school. It was time for our family vacation. Side note: For some reason, my brother was allowed to bring a friend. However, I wasn’t allowed to…but that’s neither here nor there. I’m not mad about it, I mean it’s not like I’m still hanging on to it or anything. Didn’t I just write a blog about letting go?!? “For the love of God, Ange. Let it go!” Anyway, I digress. My hair is naturally curly so the summer humidity does not jive well with my hair. Like most days, my hair was out of control so I wanted to go to the boardwalk and get a hat I could wear to tame the beast. I picked out a cute, baby blue hat. I walked outside, my parents, aunt, brother and his friend Ryan were standing there waiting for me. They all immediately started laughing. I kept asking what they were laughing at, but no one said a word. I also noticed that none of them wanted to walk with me either. This went on for about two full days. Finally, my dad let me in on what was going on. The baby blue hat that I thought was so amazing…yeah, it had a tube of lube on the front of it. Oh yeah, it was a K-Y Jelly hat. I had no clue what K-Y jelly was at the time or what it was used for. Obviously! I wore that damn hat for two days before anyone told me to take it off. Talk about humiliating! I wonder if they had to rock-paper-scissors to figure out who would be the one to tell me about the hat.

Do you have a funny story that you can think of to help get you through a funk or just a tough day in general? Is there a memory that when you think about it you literally laugh out loud? Think about it. I’m sure there’s plenty! What was once a humiliating, crawl under your seat moment, can now be a priceless gem. Don’t go through the day or life without a giggle and don’t forget, a good laugh recharges your battery!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read. Be kind yourself.


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