Beginning Over


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Angela who dreamed about having a beautiful bakery. She would make pretty desserts, help others, have really great hair, and live happily ever after…

About 4 months ago, I decided that I was going close the bakery in October after all of the weddings I had scheduled were done. I was burnt out. I guess you could say my fairytale was o – v – e – r! The stress had finally gotten the best of me, physically & mentally. I had made the tough decision to walk away from my dream and no longer be “Sugar Babe.” I just felt like I had given it my all but I just couldn’t do it any longer. If you read one of my previous blog posts about being a small business owner, you know what my life entails. I struggled for months about what I was going to do about everything. How I was going to move forward. I had finally reached the end of my rope…or I should say, I finally ran out of ingredients for the bakery.

They say that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. For me, that saying couldn’t be more accurate. I had just come to terms with my plan for moving forward with closing the bakery, and then I met Heidi…aka my Fairy Godmother! Heidi is the founder of the non-profit “Beginning Over Foundation” which helps victims and families of domestic violence. I met her at a friend’s get together one Sunday afternoon. I literally met her for five minutes but for some reason I started telling her that I was going to be closing the bakery. Mind you, I hadn’t even shared this bit of information with many people at this point. Heidi was aware of what I had done with my business and she mentioned to me before I left that that she had an idea and wanted to help. Honestly, I thought nothing of this and went about my evening. She also knew how important giving back to others was to me and how much I incorporated that into my life and my business. She said she wanted to give me this “gift” because I deserved it. Huh?!? Is this real life?

Well, apparently this is real life and the “gift” she wanted to give me was going to alleviate a lot of the burdens I was experiencing. One of the many reasons why I was going to close. So, she approached me about merging with her non-profit and essentially becoming a nonprofit bakery.  Yes, I know it all sounds confusing and you’re probably going, “huh?!” I mean, I was confused for months. I didn’t get it. So, when you merge with a non profit, that person you’re merging with assumes your business debt. Which means, Heidi would pay off my existing business debt moving forward. I couldn’t believe it. This was a dream come true! I mean, I had mentally prepared myself with the fact that I might not have a job right away come October and I would still have all the debt from the bakery haunting me for years. Bottom line, Heidi saved Sugar Babe! My fairy Godmother saved the day…just like in Cinderella!

To me, this partnership is nothing short of amazing! It is allowing me to keep doing what I love which is baking and helping others. Heidi and I can continue to do great work, important work, to help support such an amazing cause. How could this partnership not be a sweet deal?!? So now anytime someone orders from Sugar Babe, whether it’s a birthday order, a wedding or an event, that money is going to the Beginning Over Foundation. Sweet charity, how amazing?!

I’ve come to realize that just when you’re about to give up on yourself, an idea or a dream, that’s usually when the universe flips the script. The people who believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself are the ones who bring the magic…or should I say, the magic wand. They bring us back to life. Maybe fairytales do exist!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read and thank you for continuing to support the bakery. I hope you all stick around for this new adventure that’s about to begin because big things are ahead!



  1. Lisa Gotto says:

    Heck yeah–I’m all about “flipping the script” and perhaps even writing a new one with some hard sought after down time. Best wishes, Sugar Babe!

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