small acts



So much sadness and hate in the world. At times, it doesn’t seem real. Am I right? We can’t seem to ignore it or escape from it. The reality is, it’s becoming part of our everyday lives. In the wake of the tragedies that occurred last week in Orlando, I believe now more than ever, we must continue to spread love and kindness. That’s all I keep hearing/seeing. “Love more. Hate less.” Such a simple, easy task, but yet it’s difficult for so many people. Why? I do believe that is a question that will never be answered. I just know that in the midst of all the hate, love is what will pull us through. It may sound cliche, but the saying “love conquers all” resonates with me anytime something tragic like this happens. It’s like it’s on repeat in my head.

Through all the darkness that has happened, not just last week, but any time our country or the world experiences tragedy, there are those stories that emerge. You know which ones, the stories of human kindness, selflessness, hope & love. Stories like that of Greg Zanis. The kind, sweet man who drove 1,200 miles to Orlando with 49 wooden crosses. He made the crosses to memorialize the Pulse Nightclub victims. That right there was done out of pure love. People like that, stories like that, are what I cling to. They help to restore my faith and remind me that even though there’s so much hate and negativity in the world, there’s still a lot of good and love is still present. Even if we have to search high and low for it, it’s there. Just keep looking.

I know so many people personally that make it a point to show random acts of kindness or always take the opportunity to “pay it forward.” I just LOVE that. I try to do it as much as possible or when I can. It really doesn’t take much, but it can truly turn someone’s day around. When something like that happens to us, it helps us feel like there really are still good people in the world. It happened to me the other day when I was waiting in line for a coffee. The person in front of me paid for my order. It immediately put a smile on my face, restored my faith and it made me want to pay it forward right away. So, I did just that and paid for the person behind me. I thought it couldn’t hurt (only help) to share a list of some simple ideas to show random acts of kindness which I personally feel leads to paying it forward. I’m sure many of you do a lot of these already without even knowing it. You may be saying “it’s no big deal.” It makes a difference though, and like I mentioned before, I think we could all use a little reminder that there’s still goodness and light in this world.

*Put extra change in a parking meter that’s about to run out or that has run out. (That’s what the picture posted above is about. I did that earlier today…took me ten minutes tops!)
*Pay for the order for the person behind you in line.
*Leave a nice note or flowers on the windshield of a car.
*Give a generous tip to your server.
*Pick a good cause and donate whatever amount you can to it.
*Run an errand for someone.
*Pick up any trash that you see.
*Give someone an unsolicited compliment.
*Bring treats to your work and share with your co-workers.
*Help someone carry their bags.
*Leave a funny note or a little bit of cash in a book at the library.
*Say thank you to someone who does a hard job that not many people would take.
*Donate clothing/books you don’t need.
*Ask someone how they are and really listen when they answer.
*Thank a soldier, police officer, firefighter, EMT.
*Smile at everyone you see.
*Write a letter to someone serving in the military.
*Bake cookies and drop them off at a friends or local police or fire station.
*Leave coupons you won’t need at the store.
*Place $0.25 in a purse you’re looking at in a store, it will be a treasure to the next person.


“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would always say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of “disaster/terror”, I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” – Mr. Rogers


As always, thank you for taking the time to read. Be kind to yourself and maybe try and bring a little light and love to someone else this week.


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