Have you ever been homesick? You know, that undeniable feeling of sadness for the place you are most comfortable. It’s the place you can just kick back, be your goofy self…it’s the place that makes you feel better. The place we call “home.” We don’t necessarily have to even travel far from home or even be away from it for too long to feel homesick. Homesick can also be a feeling of belonging. I experienced my fair share of homesick feelings last week. I needed comfort, I needed familiarity, and I needed it ASAP! Guess what?!? I also needed chocolate cake, so that’s where this recipe for triple chocolate pound cake comes into play.

Make sure you enjoy this cake with a tall glass of milk, a side scoop of peanut butter, and (or) vanilla ice cream to go on top. It’s so good that one slice may not be enough. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Triple Chocolate Pound Cake

As always, thank you for taking the time to read. Happy Baking, friends…don’t forget to be kind to yourself!


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